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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rainy Days Again: Poncho Adventures

I've gotten my hands on a cycling poncho this week (the Log House Designs Bicycle Cape sold by Campmor) and had the chance to try it in this morning's light drizzle. I have to admit, it works pretty well.
It has loops in the front to hook over your thumbs or wrists, which means it stretches over the handlebars, and provides a kind of "rolling tent" affect to keep the tops of your legs dry. There are elastic loops at the back to secure it to your legs or saddle, to avoid flapping in the wind, and a hood, which I didn't actually use.
I had no trouble with a short ride in a mild wind this morning, but can imagine that fighting a headwind with the thing will mean slow going. On the other hand, this is geared at commuting and touring, not racing or training.
Overall, it was pretty comfortable, and kept my torso and legs dry when paired with fenders. I did wear water-repellent work boots, as I did get water on my feet.
I'd happily recommend it to commuters who ride bikes with fenders, with the understanding that it will not offer the degree of protection and durability of heavier, more expensive models, and that on someone my height (6'3") I don't think there will be enough material at the back to use a backpack/messenger bag.

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