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Sometimes, all that matters is getting from Point A to Point B as cheaply, safely and efficiently as possible. You don't need a fast bike, you don't need a pretty bike, and most of all you don't need an expensive bike, you just need one that works.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Overnighting in the Early Spring

My daughter and I just returned from a spring-break overnight trip. We took off Sunday and rode up the Delaware River, spent the night in Pennsylvania at a Bed and Breakfast, and rode back to where we started today.
Along the way we hit a cold, wet snowstorm, which was a bit more than my 12-year-old was ready for, so I eventually ended up parking her in a cafe with a video game and some cash, and rode the last 17 miles solo, got out car and returned to pick her up. We're now home and warming up, and I have some new thoughts for this week on raingear, handlebars, bike setup and the changeability of the weather at this time of year, but for now, it's time for hot tea and a nap!

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